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PREPARE Network Is Promoting New Activists For Rural Development- Meet Leotrim Germizaj from Kosova

‘’Being acitivist of civil society and rural development sector is a great opportunity to contribute for the inclusion of the rural communities in all aspects that affect the improvement of their lives.‘’ This is a part of the story brought to us by Leotrim Gërmizaj. Leotrim is national coordinator of Network of Organizations for Rural Development of Kosovo and currently he is project representative for Kosovo of the regional project ‘’Networking and Advocacy for Green Economy’’. He had th...
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The name of the network, PREPARE has been given in Hungary in 2000

From History of PREPARE Network Story by Marta Marczis from the Hungarian Rural Parliament: Following the aim and spirit of the first travelling workshop in Estonia and Sweden, the name of the network, PREPARE, has been given by participants at the second event, held in Hungary in 2000. During these two events the freshly established network has organised travelling workshops; visited rural development projects, met with key activists and project participants, analysed lessons learned in w...
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PREPARE Network Is Promoting New Activists For Rural Development- Meet Zane Seredina from Latvia

‘’Rural activist is a person who strongly believes that what matters is people’s skills, relationships and effort, not the place on map where they are located.’’ – this is a significant message from Zane. Zane is currently working as a Project Coordinator in the NGO Latvian Rural Forum and she is qualified as a “Development Planning Engineer". Her job experience includes work in the business sector, practice in a Municipality Development Department and in a Planning Region. However, wor...
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The Moldovan Leader Network Is Established

Moldova is ready to implement LEADER as never before. In addition to the 30 LAGs that have been established, the National LEADER Network has also been built in Moldova Initiatives to implement the LEADER approach in the Republic of Moldova started in 2016. Facilitation of the process of creating Local Action Groups (LAGs) has been carried out by various organizations active in the field of local development. Today in Moldova there are more than 30 established LAG initiatives, some of them fun...
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PREPARE Network history (Hungary)

… the PREPARE initiative was born at the travelling workshop organized in Estonia and Sweden in 1999, but the name PREPARE – Pre-Accession Partnership for Rural Europe – was decided by participants at the second workshop, organized in Hungary in 2000. Inspired by the first event, Marta Marczis initiated this second meeting, which involved two plenary meetings in Budapest and site visits in rural Hungary in four groups. Marta had been one of the facilitators of the event in Estonia and Sweden and...
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Prapare president and vice president supported Georgian LEADER initiatives

PREPARE, since its strategic decision to work in the Black Sea region, is closely involved in  LEADER implementation in Georgia The LEADER approach is quite new approach for rural development in Georgia, mainly supported by ENPARD. During the piloting, 8 local action groups were established (http://enpard.ge/en/local-action-groups/) With the support of Ministry of foreign affairs of Latvia, PREPARE president Āris Ādlers visited Georgia and met with the main stakeholders of LEADER implement...
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Prepare Network celebrates its 20th anniversary

In year 2019 we mark the 20th anniversary for PREPARE Network. The origin of PREPARE was the traveling workshop in Estonia and Sweden of 1999, aimed at civil society and government people from rural areas of the then accession countries of central Europe. The success of honourable age of PREPARE hides in the spirit of its founding organisations and of those who joined later and helped build the network. Travelling workshop in Estonia and Sweden was initiated by Hannes Lorenzen, in his capacit...
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