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From Hystory of PREPARE- Gathering 2011 in Serbia

PREPARE Gathering in 2011. In 2011 more than 150 participants from about 20 European countries gathered in Zlatibor, Republic of Serbia. During the gathering June 29 - July 2, 2011, the conference “Access EU with Integrated Rural Development” took place and a local tour to ethno-complex was organised. PREPARE travelling workshops was organised on the following themes: Rural development initiatives in the Vojvodina region, Rural development initiatives in South-western Serbia region, Rural dev...
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From Hystory of PREPARE- Gathering 2010 in Macedonia

PREPARE Gathering in 2010. This year 109 participants from 20 European countries gathered in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) from 30th August to 3rd September. The participants were welcomed by representatives of the organisers (ALKA and PREPARE) as well as by Macedonian  Ministry  of  Agriculture,  Forestry  and  Food,  Mr.  Ljupco  Dimovski. Also,  the European Commissioner for Agriculture, Mr. Dacian Ciolos, addressed the PREPARE Gathering participants with a  letter  that  was  read ...
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New Activists For Rural Development- Meet Edisona Franca from Kosovo

Edisona is a 23 years old agricultural student from Kosovo. She is a youth activist, primarily dedicating time working for the Network of Organizations for Rural Development of Kosovo which she joined last year. As an agricultural student she strongly believes in the importance of agriculture in rural development, especially with regard to land use, but also taking into account the potential contribution of farming to rural development in terms of supporting employment and environmental services...
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Inspirational books about Rural development

PREPARE as well as its members and partners have publish several books related to a historical overview of how the civic spirit moved processes for rural development. PREPARE AISBL published the book “RURAL PARLIAMENTS: Emerging participative democracy”, Forum Synergies published “Rural Europe on the move” and ELARD publihed the book “A Leader journey through rural Europe”. We also recomend to read FARNET latest magazine where tremendous and inspirational stories  about local action are publishe...
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Successful implementation of the ROAD project

Our member Finnish Village Movement Association in strong cooperation with PREPARE, ELARD and ERCA. The project was financed by the Europe for Citizens programme Search for more information here: Main websites Beneficiary: https://suomenkylat.fi/hankkeet/eurooppalainen-maaseutuparlamentti-erp/ ERP Official  www.europeanruralparliament.com under advocacy and themes Gathering data www.erp2019.eu/news Read more in project documents: and
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Message of the PREPARE President to the network

Dear, friends, European rural experts and enthusiasts! During the tragic events many European countries are facing these days, I encourage you to keep going, keep collaborating and networking, and continue to believe in the values we share and goals we want to achieve! Humans are social beings and during the social isolation due to the COVID-19, our previously established ways of communicating and networking either become stronger – because of good skills of digital communication – or weaker,...
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Scholarship programme 2020

Forum Synergies in cooperation with the Latvian Rural Forum announce their Scholarship Programme 2020. It is an international exchange programme with the aim to promote sustainable rural development by sharing knowledge and, in particular, know-how about sustainability. As regards the Scholarship Programme – as the first step we are looking for HOST ORGANISATIONS. Information about the Scholarship programme is already available at website (http://www.forum-synergies.eu/article154.html). Inter...
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New Activists For Rural Development- Meet Artis Krists Mednis from Latvia

Artis is a 20 year young person from Latvia who at an early age realized that each individual in our society is taking the responsibility for both positive and negative things. In the beginning, curiosity was the fuel to be an active member of his community, now it is complemented by the awareness of how much there is still to improve in its way of living. One sentence about him: a creative organiser who constantly wants to understand 'Why?' Artis think he is an activist because of his inabil...
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New Activists For Rural Development- Meet Tomas Harant from Czech Republic

Tomas Harant is 24 years old and comes from Czech Republic. A university student, fan of technological innovation, he has been working since two and half years in the Local Action Group “Naděje”, located in north-western part of Czech Republic. As an active Local Action Group, they are using the LEADER/CLLD method, which is very important instrument in a rural development sector, so they are constantly analysing problems and situation in respective LAG area and according to results they are a...
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