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Newsletter #WeArePrepare (Aug 2019)

In this edition: - Two months left till the main gatherings of rural development professionals and enthusiasts of Europe - Smart villages as an effective way to adress key challenges in rural areas - workshop in Poland 21-22 october 2019 - Rural development policy forum of SEE countries 2019 will take place in Serbia from 10th to 12th of septemer 2019 - ALTER project brings together partners from 9 countries - Thematic lab on Smart villages in Brussels, 17 october 2019 - Post- 2020: loca...
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Newsletter #WeArePrepare (July 2019)

In this edition: - European rural youth parliament will empower youth voice regarding rural development challenges - The project "Together for community and nature: strengthening of development process in miory district by partnership of authorities and civil society" has started in belarus - Forum Synergies and latvian rural forum scholarship programme brings people together - Estonian rural parliament - PREPARE 1st gathering in slovakia 2003 (we celebrate 20) - Meet Aleksandra Todorovs...
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Newsletter #WeArePrepare (June 2019)

In this edition: - Announcement for prepare members - save the date for PREPARE GA! - Youth instagram challenge for 18-29 years - Important information from the croatian rural parlament - From 5th to 7th of june the village of Zalenieki (Latvia) became an epicentre of discussions about new rural paradigms - Lithuanian rural communities meeting - First national rural parliament in the republic of north macedonia - Introducing our members- civil society network for rural areas...
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Newsletter #WeArePrepare (May 2019)

In this edition: - The 4th European rural parliament – information package for prepare members - PREPARE board have agreed on the six main working direction of prepare aisbl -PREPARE have participated in enrd steering group - Social entrepreneurship as a model for marginalized grpups employment - 3rd Croatioan rural parliament (Vodice and Tisno, may 20-23, 2019) - Gathering of Lithuanian rural communities 2019 - Latvian – Estonian cooperation for the development of lags in m...
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Newsletter #WeArePrepare (April 2019)

In this edition: -Networx takes place in Brussels from 11th – 12th of april -Prepare president and vice president participate in eu Moldova LEADER conference “Building rural prosperity for people”, 3-4 april -Gender equality hub established within BRDN -The future of the eu leader approach in Georgia discussed at the 4th conference on rural development in tbilisi -Save the date for the 4th Latvian rural communities parliament, 6-7 june -Prepare network in 2019 celebrates its 20th anniver...
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Newsletter #WeArePrepare (March 2019)

In this edition: -Prepare aisbl president Āris Ādlers participates in civil dialogue group for rural development -Young people for the future of sustainable rural development - Scholarship announced -Making rural areas the engines of a sustainable europe -Prepare aisbl board member nikša božIč represents prepare in eu structural and investment fund partners group of experts -Prepare network in 2019 celebrates its 20th anniversary (3rd story) -Over 80 participants from all over albania we...
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Newsletter #WeArePrepare (February 2019)

In this edition: - Prepare aisbl president Āris Ādlers participates in “civil dialogue group member organisation exchange of view event” - Prepare aisbl vice-president Goran Soster participates in “permanent subgroup on leader and community -led local development” -Prepare network in 2019 celebrates its 20th anniversary (2nd story from hungary) - The Moldovan leader network is established - Upcomming events with prepare representation - The European rural parliament is on the road toward...
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Newsletter #WeArePrepare (January 2019)

In this edition: Prepare Network celebrates its 20th anniversary; Prapare president and vice president supports Georgian leader initiatives; Prepare is preparing new project proposals; We care what our members care; Upcomming events with prepare representation; Smart Village Network meeting in Finland; Introducing our members – Forum synergies; Introducing our friends – Development principles (Armenia). Read full edition here: Download here.
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Newsletter #WeArePrepare (December 2018)

In this edition: The prepare fourth general assembly was held in Kosovo; European rural parliament on the road; Prepare gathering 2018; Two prepare board meeting were held since new board have been elected; Balkan Rural Development Network (brdn) meets in Skopje; New prepresentatives in consultative bodies have been selected; More than 100 facebook folowers during Prepare Facebook page have been activated. Read full edition here: Download here
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