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Newsletter #WeArePrepare (March 2019)

In this edition: -Prepare aisbl president Āris Ādlers participates in civil dialogue group for rural development -Young people for the future of sustainable rural development - Scholarship announced -Making rural areas the engines of a sustainable europe -Prepare aisbl board member nikša božIč represents prepare in eu structural and investment fund partners group of experts -Prepare network in 2019 celebrates its 20th anniversary (3rd story) -Over 80 participants from all over albania we...
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Networking and advocacy for green economy project has started in Skopje

To bring closer the concept of green entrepreneurship to the target beneficiaries (grassroots CSOs), and to mobilize the community in an advocacy campaign that will facilitate the EU approximation process of the national agricultural and rural development programmes and policies towards the EU CAP reform, the project organizes two-module training in: i) Advocacy, lobbying, networking and constituents empowerment, and ii) Green economy and entrepreneurship. On February 13 and 14 the fi...
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Over 80 participants from all over Albania were presented in national roundtable

The national Albanian roundtable on Governance of Agriculture and Rural Development  (held on February 12th, 2019) brought national policies on agriculture and rural development to the core of public discourse. In particular, it aimed to raise stakeholders’ awareness of the challenges and critical issues of the agricultural and rural development policies and to influence their improvement. Over 80 participants from all over the country, representatives of central government institutions and loca...
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Prepare Aisbl Board Member Nikša Božič Represents Prepare In Eu Structural And Investment Fund Partners Group Of Experts

EU Structral and investment fund partners group of experts was organised by European Commission on the 28st of February 2019 The mission of the Structured Dialogue group of experts, set up by the European Commission, is to establish an open, frank and informal dialogue with partners working in the field of the ESI Funds. The members of the Structured Dialogue are umbrella organisations at EU level. Tenth meeting of the Structured Dialogue with European Structural and Investment Funds' partner...
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Making Rural Areas The Engines Of A Sustainable Europe

A joint event of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and European Rural Parliament (ERP) “Making rural areas the engines of a sustainable Europe” was organised in Bussels, on the 14th of March 2019 PREPARE was present at EESC-ERP event: ”Making rural areas the engines of a sustainable Europe”. Goran Soster presented PREPARE and supported our partnership and advocacy work with the European and national rural parliaments as well as the work with non-EU and candidate countries. PRE...
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PREPARE Aisbl President Aris Adlers Participates In Civil Dialogue Group For Rural Development

“Civil Dialogue Group for Rural Development” was organised by the European Commission on the 27st of February 2019 The following topics where presented by the European Commision: The future Cohesion policy and its contribution to rural development – how can the European Funds work together? Supporting the Bioeconomy in future CAP Strategic Plans Risk management in the post-2020 rural development policy Outcomes of the Stakeholder Round Tables on the Green Architecture of the CAP...
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PREPARE Aisbl Vice-president Goran Soster Participates in “Permanent Subgroup On Leader And Community -led Local Development”

Permanent Subgroup on LEADER and Community- Led Local Development was organised by ENRD on the 31st of January 2019 PREPARE's representative Goran Šoster took part at the sixth meeting of the LEADER Sub-group. Participants got the information about state-of-play in the current period and discussed the possibilities for improvement in the next programming period from 2021-2027. Sub-group members exchanged examples of LAG's self-assessment. Communication of LAGs with their target groups was imp...
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Prepare Aisbl President Aris Adlers Participates In “civil Dialogue Group Member Organisation Exchange Of View Event”

“Civil Dialogue Group member organisations exchange of view event” was organised by the European Commission on the 1st of February 2019. Civil dialogue groups assist the Commission to hold a regular dialogue on all matters relating to the common agricultural policy, including rural development, and its implementation.  More information about Civil dialogue groups: https://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/civil-dialogue-groups_en On the 1st of February European Commission gathered the Secretary gen...
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