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Strengthening Rural Latvia: The Impact of Latvian Rural Forum Within the PREPARE Network

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As an integral member of the PREPARE network, the Latvian Rural Forum (LRF) is a key player in advocating for sustainable rural development across Latvia. Through its active involvement in both national and European platforms, LRF has continually worked towards enhancing the vitality of rural communities, making it a model for collaboration and rural innovation.

Advocacy and Community Engagement

LRF actively represents the interests of rural inhabitants in Latvia at national and international levels, collaborating with state and municipal institutions, NGOs, businesses, and other stakeholders. Their extensive participation in committees and work groups related to EU structural funds and rural development policies underlines their commitment to shaping an inclusive and sustainable rural policy framework​ (LaukuForums.lv)​.

Fostering Participatory Democracy

One of the hallmark initiatives of LRF is the promotion of participatory democracy through the Latvian Rural Communities Parliament. This biennial event assembles stakeholders from various sectors to discuss and identify actionable strategies for rural development, ensuring that the voices of rural communities are heard and incorporated into policy-making. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to enhance the culture of participation and engagement across rural Latvia​ (LaukuForums.lv)​.

Educational and Development Initiatives

LRF also places a significant emphasis on education and continuous learning, offering an expanded range of lifelong learning opportunities in rural areas. This approach not only supports the development of local skills and knowledge but also ensures that rural communities remain vibrant and economically sustainable​ (LaukuForums.lv)​.

Connection to the PREPARE Network

Through its involvement with the PREPARE network, LRF has gained access to a broader European context, enabling it to share knowledge, learn from best practices across the continent, and engage in meaningful collaborations that enhance its local initiatives. This partnership has been instrumental in bringing innovative approaches and fresh perspectives to the challenges faced by rural communities in Latvia.


The Latvian Rural Forum exemplifies how dedicated effort and strategic partnerships can significantly advance rural development. By participating in the PREPARE network, LRF not only enhances its capacity to support rural Latvia but also contributes to the broader goal of sustainable rural development across Europe. Organizations interested in rural issues are encouraged to connect with LRF to explore collaborative opportunities and join the collective effort towards a vibrant rural Europe.

For those interested in more details about the LRF’s activities or joining the PREPARE network, visiting their official websites would provide further information and contact details: Latvian Rural Forum | PREPARE Network.