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PREPARE Activates Three Replication Labs within the GRANULAR-Horizon Project

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PREPARE aisbl (Partnership for Rural Europe) has announced the activation of three new Replication Labs as part of the HORIZON research project GRANULAR. The initiative marks a significant step forward in enhancing rural development across Europe, with the labs being established in Latvia, Serbia, and Moldova.

Workshop in Pisa Sets the Stage

The activation of these labs follows a pivotal workshop held in Pisa, Italy, on June 27-28. 2024 attended by four prominent members of PREPARE: Goran Šoster, Aris Adlers, Dragan Roganović, and Alexandru Crigan. The workshop aimed to define the roles and tasks of the Replication Labs and draw lessons from the experiences of existing Living Labs.

Four members of PREPARE, Goran Šoster, Aris Adlers, Dragan Roganović and Alexandru Crigan

Roadmap for the Replication Labs

The Replication Labs are designed to be hubs of innovation and research, focusing on rural development. Here’s a breakdown of the planned activities and timeline:

  • 2024: Development of Action Plans
  • 2025: Analysis of Datasets and Indicators
  • 2026: Submission of Feedback, Practice Abstracts, and Policy Recommendations

These steps will be guided by the rural compass, a strategic framework developed during the first phase of the GRANULAR project.

Objectives and Expected Outcomes

The primary goal of these Replication Labs is to foster rural development through rigorous research and practical applications. By analyzing data and creating actionable plans, the labs aim to generate valuable insights that can influence policy and practice in rural areas. The feedback and recommendations provided by these labs will play a crucial role in shaping rural development strategies across Europe.

About the GRANULAR Project

The GRANULAR project, funded by the HORIZON research program, is dedicated to improving rural development through collaborative research and innovation. It aims to create sustainable and inclusive rural economies by leveraging the expertise of various partners, including PREPARE.

For more information about the GRANULAR project and its initiatives, visit ruralgranular.eu.