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RURBANIVE Plenary Meeting – M6 Recap

We are excited to share the outcomes of the RURBANIVE Plenary Meeting held on June 26-27, 2024. This significant event was conducted virtually via MS Teams, bringing together all consortium partners, including PREPARE, to evaluate progress, plan future activities, and reinforce our commitment to fostering rural-urban synergies.

Day 1 Overview:

The first day of the plenary meeting was dedicated to updates on project management, ethics, and data management. Here are some key sessions:

  • Welcome Address: Kostas Naskou from ICCS opened the meeting, setting a positive tone for the discussions.
  • Project Management and Ethics: Led by ICCS, this session covered progress updates, upcoming activities, periodic reporting, risk, and quality management.
  • Data Management Plan: Michael Koutsiaras from AUA presented the data management plan, emphasizing its importance in ensuring data integrity and accessibility.
  • Impact Maximization and Scale-up: Giorgos Papapostolou from FSH led discussions on communication, outreach, and the preparation of an open call.
  • EU Policy Mapping: Janne Sinerma from AEIDL provided updates on mapping relevant EU policies, highlighting how these policies align with our project goals.
  • General Assembly: This session included reflections on our collaboration as a consortium and identification of any foreseeable deviations.

Day 2 Overview:

The second day focused on RUCL (Rural-Urban Co-creation Labs) planning and implementation, with detailed presentations and demos from various partners:

  • RUCL Planning and Implementation: Michael Koutsiaras (AUA) discussed co-creation, experimentation, and capacity building.
  • Prague RUCL Demo: This demo covered stakeholder recruitment, innovation, capacity building, and XR-support.
  • Milos, Austria, and Kedainiai RUCL Demos: These sessions detailed the implementation plans, stakeholder engagement, experimentation, and integration into the Community Store.
  • Trikala & Lemgo RUCLs Demos: Similar to other demos, these sessions emphasized stakeholder recruitment, capacity building, and XR-support.
  • Burgos RUCL Demo: The focus was on primary RUE description, stakeholder engagement, and integration into the Community Store.
  • Ethical and Legal Aspects: Lilian Mitrou, our Ethics Advisor, led a discussion on the AI Act and other ethical considerations.

Throughout the meeting, we were pleased to see active participation from all consortium members, including our organization, PREPARE. Our contributions, along with those of our partners, are crucial in advancing our shared goals.

Looking Ahead:

This plenary meeting reinforced our collective commitment to innovation and community engagement. As we move forward, we will continue to focus on creating immersive innovation ecosystems that bridge rural and urban communities.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants for their invaluable contributions and to those who organized and facilitated this successful meeting.

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress and initiatives!


RURBANIVE is a collaborative project funded by the European Union, aimed at enhancing rural-urban synergies through innovative solutions and community engagement. The project focuses on creating immersive innovation ecosystems that connect rural and urban areas, fostering sustainable development and inclusive growth.

For more information: RURBANIVE Project