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Support European Rural Areas: An Initiative for Change

Amplifying rural voices in the European Parliament

Rural activists across Europe are rallying support from candidates running for the European Parliament to prioritize the needs and voices of rural communities. This initiative aims to bring rural issues to the forefront of the political agenda during the 2024 – 2029 mandate.

The pledge for rural development

As part of this initiative, candidates are invited to pledge their support for rural citizens and the development of rural areas. By signing this pledge, candidates commit to:

  1. Amplifying Rural Voices: Ensuring that the concerns and needs of rural communities are heard and addressed within the political framework.
  2. Networking and Collaboration: Facilitating networking, collaboration, and mutual learning among rural communities and stakeholders.
  3. Encouraging Voluntary Commitments: Promoting and monitoring voluntary commitments to achieve the goals outlined in the European Commission’s “A Long-term Vision for the EU’s Rural Areas”.

Candidates who sign the pledge demonstrate their dedication to enhancing the lives of rural citizens and ensuring their voices are represented in European governance.

How to participate

Candidates who wish to support this initiative can sign the pledge by filling out the form HERE.

By doing so, they publicly commit to prioritizing rural development and the well-being of rural communities.

Visibility and accountability

To ensure transparency and accountability, the names of candidates who sign the pledge will be published on the homepage and on the social media platforms of PREPARE and the initiative’s organizers.

About the initiative

This initiative is driven by rural activists representing organized civic society at local, regional, and national levels. It is part of the European Rural Parliament initiative, co-initiated by three pan-European organizations:

  • Partnership for Rural Europe (PREPARE)
  • European LEADER Association for Rural Development (ELARD)
  • European Rural Community Alliance (ERCA)

More than 70 partner organizations across wider Europe support this cause, working together to ensure that rural communities thrive and their voices are heard.

Join us in this crucial endeavor to make a meaningful impact on the future of rural Europe. Your support and commitment can bring about significant positive changes for our rural communities and their sustainable development.