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Job Announcement for Project Coordinator in GRANULAR Project

PREPARE (Partnership for Rural Europe) is now looking for a Project Coordinator(s) for a Horizon Europe project named GRANULAR to coordinate and manage the implementation of this project. The role is an upper-level seniority and it is offered on a part-time basis.

Role description and responsibilities:

Time of engagement: Mid January 2024 to the end of the Project in 2026 (Initial contract period is two years with possibility for extension until the end of the GRANULAR Project)

Special working arrangement: This is a part-time position with variable working arrangement and flexible (variable) working schedule. This is a homework/telework position. The position requires the possibility to work during the whole project with periods of no or little work or at times of full months work. The remuneration will be adjusted to this working arrangements and may for that reason vary on a monthly basis.

Project Coordinator responsibilities and primary task (see below for GRANULAR Project content details):

A. Overall responsibility for coordination of the Project, including:

  • Planning and implementation of project activities to ensure that project is on time and on budget
  • Completion of reporting requirements and keeping records of relevant project documents
  • Execution, monitoring and justification of project expenses in accordance with overall project budget and relevant EU requirements
  • Representation of PREPARE within the project scope and developing strong working relations and communications with partners, target groups and other relevant stakeholders

B. Provision of technical support in project implementation, including:

  • Networking with and capacity building of relevant actors in areas where Replication Labs will be implemented and transfer of project results from Living Labs to Replication Labs environment
  • Planning and implementation of relevant workshops to present Living Labs outcomes and their replicability prospects in other areas as well as workshop to present results of implementation of Replication Labs and to gather feedback from relevant actors
  • Planning and execution of communication and dissemination activities

Project Coordinator will work under the supervision and in coordination with Secretary General and in coordination with other project staff and Finance and Admin Coordinator. Travel to capacity building, policy events and other project related sites are required.

Remuneration: 3500€/per full working month including all costs related to the employment. Remuneration will be adjusted as per actual working time for each month.

Qualifications and experience:

  • Extensive experience in project cycle management, proven knowledge and skills in grant management, preferably in EU funded projects
  • Demonstrated organisational skills and attention to detail; and strong interpersonal skills and ability to network and work collaboratively with others
  • Ability to work independently, efficiently, and reliably from a remote location, making sure that quality maintains high standards and is provided according to strict deadlines
  • Excellent communication, dissemination and reporting skills, and the ability to present advice in a clear and concise manner
  • Ability to operate within a fast moving environment and react appropriately to change
  • Very good interpersonal skills to interact within multicultural environment
  • Good knowledge of rural policy, rural ecosystems, networks, processes and programmes
  • Long working experience in different rural contexts and types
  • Experience in building of training and capacity building programmes and organising (multiplier) events
  • Excellent command of spoken and written English
  • Flexible as to full monthly working hours

Application process:

The applicants through their cover letters and corresponding CVs should demonstrate that they satisfy the above requirements for this position.

Deadline for applications: Applications, including short cover letter and CV should be sent to Miodrag Matavulj,  Secretary General of PREPARE to the following email address: miodrag.m@cerd.ba by 5th of January 2024.

About the GRANULAR project:

GRANULAR is a four-year multi-disciplinary and transnational project, which aims at generating new datasets, tools and methods to better understand rural areas. By doing this, the project will gain new insights into the unique characteristics, dynamics, and drivers of change in rural areas. Using this knowledge and Rural Compass tool, the project aims to help those involved in rural development to design place-based policies that are specifically tailored to the needs of each individual area. Ultimately, GRANULAR hopes to support rural actors in their efforts to promote sustainable territorial development. More details about GRANULAR project can be found at: https://www.ruralgranular.eu/.   

Specific PREPARE’s roles in the project:

Work Package 6 (WP6) – Multi-actors Labs

WP6 will engage with rural actors in a diversity of context; collect, analyse, validate data to assess replicability and elaborate innovative local policies based on local needs. Specific tasks under this working packages are described below and PREPARE will mostly be engaged under Task 6.3 – Replication Labs.

T6.1 Consolidating the Living Labs (LL): GRANULAR LLs are based on existing networks and science-policy-society platforms. Each LL is supported by   one facilitator who will ensure constant connections with WP Leaders and other project partners for a precise implementation of the methodologies and activities defined by other WPs. As appropriate to fulfil the project objectives, LL Facilitators will broaden and consolidate existing platforms to ensure the engagement of civil society organizations, governments, industries and academia, according to the quadruple helix.

T6.2 Management, co-evaluation and knowledge sharing: With the support of a scientific partner, LL Facilitators will coordinate data collection activities, evaluate indicators in key policy areas, and test the Rural Compass. LL Facilitators and members will co-create a LL Action Plan, in close collaboration with other members of the consortium. The Action Plans will outline all activities LLs will perform to identify data and tools needed to inform policy making and monitor impact, to collect and analyse data, to provide recommendation for local rural policy development, to capitalise and upscale the project outputs, and to contribute to the GRANULAR platform development.

T6.3 Replication labs: This is the main task for PREPARE engagement in the GRANULAR project. This task aims at evaluation the applicability of the project outcomes (Rural compass, indicators, datasets) in other rural contexts  across EU and associated countries in Europe. This task will plan, manage and evaluate the testing activities to be organised in the Replication Labs (RL). Following a participatory approach, RL members co-define tool(s) and data to be tested and validated. With the support of other partners, tests for the selected tool(s) and data in the specific context of each RL will be planned and protocols for their implementation transfer to RL leaders, responsible for the implementation of the empirical tests.

Work Package 7 (WP7) – Communication, Outreach, Dissemination and Exploitation

PREPARE will participate in implementation of this work package which is aimed at design, implement, monitor and assess the Communication, Outreach, Dissemination and Exploitation (CODE) actions, in compliance with the Responsible (and Interactive) Research and Innovation approach (RRI).  The CODE strategy will ensure the interaction between the research activities and fosters the multi-level participation of all relevant actors. WP7 will also create, coordinate and animate a Knowledge Transfer Accelerator (KTA) to encourage sharing knowledge and experience among actors, both in the project and external to   the project. The KTA will provide a space for the LL to increase peer-to-peer learning and mentoring.



PREPARE – Partnerships for Rural Europe has played a key role in rural development in Europe, bringing together rural actors and stimulating exchange in the unique format of “PREPARE Gatherings” and “travelling workshops”, through which hundreds of rural NGOs and community groups, active rural inhabitants, as well as many representatives of national, regional and local authorities have been able to meet and discuss the key challenges of rural areas and the best ways to address them.

PREPARE builds cooperation and undertakes joint action with a wide range of partners and currently PREPARE network membership comprises over 20 national platforms of rural organisations from countries across the Europe. PREPARE plays a strong role in mobilising civil society, building trust and developing new democratic rural development instruments in EU member states and candidate countries.

PREPARE is helping rural actors to have their voice heard in policy debate, for example about the future of EU rural development.

PREPARE is co-founder and co-organiser of European Rural Parliament (ERP) together with two other European Networks, the European Rural Communities Alliance (ERCA) and the European LEADER Association for Rural Development (ELARD).

Since 2016, PREPARE is registered as an international NGO in Brussels, Belgium. Currently, PREPARE, as part of larger consortiums of partner organisations, was awarded three Horizon Europe projects.

More info about PREPARE you can find at the following link: About – PREPARE (prepare-network.eu)

Full Job Announcement can be downloaded HERE.