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Survey Request: EU Initiatives for Rural Revitalization and Startup Villages

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As autumn begins, we have an
important request from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre
that requires your attention. Your valuable insights and experiences are
essential for the success of two new EU initiatives aimed at promoting
rural revitalization and supporting startup villages.

1. Survey on Combining EU Funds for Rural Revitalization:
We are seeking successful examples of combining various EU funds and
instruments to support rural revitalization projects. Your input can
greatly contribute to the development of effective strategies in this
area. Please take a moment to fill out this survey

2. Survey on Startup Villages:
Additionally, we are looking for information related to “Startup
Villages” as part of a separate EU initiative. Your knowledge and
experiences in this field will help shape this exciting endeavor. Please
share your insights by completing this survey

Your participation in these surveys will not only provide valuable data
but also demonstrate the strength and expertise of our PREPARE Network
community. We encourage you to engage with these initiatives as they
align with our mission to foster sustainable rural development and

The success of these projects relies on your contributions, and we are
confident that your expertise will greatly benefit the European
Commission’s efforts.