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Lets meet in PREPARE CAP- Cafe!

Dear PREPARE members and friends,

PREPARE aisbl recently invited its members to propose topics for CAP-Café webinars. The idea behind CAP-Cafés 2021 – CApacities and Partnership come togethers – is to build capacities of the PREPARE network, learn from each other and meet in relaxed webinars around topics of your choice. Members will build the content, PREPARE will provide the platform and reporting.

We received a number of interesting themes suggestions from our members.

Now we are inviting you to help us decide on priorities, based on your opinion on the importance of suggested themes.


While we will give our best to start the series of webinars with topics that are recognised as the ones with highest importance/relevance to our members, the final programme will depend on other factors as well (for example, the readiness of the organiser).