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New Activists For Rural Development- Meet Vladan Babič from Montenegro

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Vladan Babic, 32 years old, is the owner of a small business from Niksic, Montenegro. He considers himself as a youth activist, member of rural development network in Montenegro and he is director of NGO Drumovanje as well.

He works a lot with  projects related to the rural development on education of people in rural area of Banjani, Trubjela, on how they can apply for local and national measures. He has also worked with several projects on the promotion of the rural area in Niksic, including the organisation of an event called Day of Dogberries .

Vladan is a specialist in tourism, on which he completed specialist studies. He also successfully completed education on public advocacy and lobbying, and on providing advisory support to rural households.

He is member of the Montenegro Rural Development Network and is constantly trying to maintain a connection with the rural area, trying to inspire people and bring closer the benefits offered by rural tourism, gastro-tourism, eco-tourism etc.

He recently visited rural households and encouraged them to register their farms, in order to start developing their business and livelihood. In this aspect, he provides advisory support and give examples of good practice from the region.

He has support from the family and they all agree on one thing: Healthy village healthy people! His wife provides psychological support to people from rural areas and the parents contribute to better trust of households towards state projects.

He absolutely sees is future in this sector and in the rural areas. His profession is closely connected with the development of rural areas, since he strongly believes that his country has a huge potential in rural areas, and that there will always be room for work, effort and benefits provided by rural areas.