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Rural trends and Solutions- Reports and presentations

We are happy to had the Webinar “Rural trends and Solution” (Finished)

Day 27.11.2020 09:30-12:30 (CET)

Where is rural going? Is urbanisation turning into ruralisation? The webinar tries to look into trends, the cost of these trends and the readiness of change management in politics and decisionmaking. Digital and technolocical transition are key factors for the future of Rural Europe – possibilities, obstacles and equal availability are discussed.

Find full program here:

Webinar Rural trends 4

Find information about speakers here:

Webinar trend speakers and abstracts final

Report on the webinar prepared by Kim Smedslund:

Trends Webinar report 1

Linda Randhall presentation:

Linda Randall_Prepare_Webinar on rural trends and solutions_271120 (2)

Alexandre Martin presentation:

LTVRA - PREPARE Webinar rural trends - 271120

Hannu Haapala presentation:

Rural technologies at your service

Robert Hall presentation:

Rural Trends Robert Hall ECOLISE PREPARE pres (1)

Alistair Adam Hernández presentation:

2020.11.27 - Present PREPARE - resilience_AAH_2 (1)