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New Activists For Rural Development- Meet Vane Naunov from North Macedonia

Vane Naunov is a 25 years old lawyer, currently following post graduate studies on intellectual property law. He comes from Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia and considers himself a youth activist, member of rural development network in North Macedonia for more than one year as a member of Aero club Skopje.

Since he is a young lawyer and aeronautical enthusiast, his field of work is mostly law regarding the young people’s rights and needs, initiatives for supporting young people’s inclusion in everyday life and mapping the problems and needs of rural youth; he is also searching for solutions to overcome these problems as much as possible. As part of the Macedonian rural network, he has visited several international events and attended training related to the rural development in this part of Europe. This has motivated him to work harder and to continue to aim even higher for much greater youth inclusion in social and political life. So far, Vane thinks that the key to improvement is precise mapping of youth needs, what he is trying to do.

Vane is a student of the Master’s Program of Intellectual property law at the University of Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, currently working on his master thesis. Beside being member of Aero club, where he is doing an internship for a ground operation management, Vane also is a sport climbing instructor and for the last three years he has been the general secretary of the Macedonian sport climbing federation. As a part of his job, Vane is in direct contact with rural areas and people who live there, working on improving outdoor tourism possiblities in Macedonia through sports and adventure. Through his participation in the youth team of the Balkan rural development network, he has attended several international meetings and trainings in the field of rural development, youth inclusion and advocacy and lobbying.

Currently Vane is working on personal project, aiming to promote rural areas in Macedonia through sport, tourism and adventure. With the support of the Macedonian sport climbing federation, he is opening some new outdoor climbing areas, and taking a lot of people to visit them. During the work, they are taking care to clean the environment, collect garbage etc. The final goal is to support the local economy, to take care of environmental issues and to show the inhabitants a way to spend more quality time in their country. Also, as a part of Rural Development Network of North Macedonia,  he contributes to  the working group that  that prepare BRDN’s advocacy and lobbying strategy.

“I will always try to give my best and make rural areas good place to live and work” says Vane. He is familiar with the importance of rural areas and agriculture, so in the near future, he is planning to be more dedicated to that particular field, having in mind that Macedonia has enormous agricultural potential.