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Youth From Belarus Look For International Cooperation

7 youth enthusiasts from Belarus looking for cooperation partners in Europe to establish good cooperation, friendship to join the European Rural Youth family for a long term collaboration.

Anton Anetko

My name’s Anton Anetko . I’m 26 years old. I graduated from Minsk State Linguistic University. I work as a teacher of English at secondary school № 3 in Miory.

In high school times I took part in BELAMUN – Belarusian Model UN, working on the problem of the human impact of cluster munitions. Graduated from Winter Academy of UNESCO clubs, I was the first chairman of UNESCO club “Adradzhenne” (Rebirth). Nowadays I am a volunteer of the international organization Caritas. I work with lots of teenagers, help them to improve their communicative skills, realise their creative potential, find themselves in complicated situations.

I would like to suggest the creation of a thematic entertainment and educational club, which could host meetings of young people, topical discussions, the realisation of creative potential through literary evenings, performances by young musicians of various genres. The second idea is the foundation of a music festival where musicians from Miory district and Vitebsk region would be able to present their talents, make progress and develop professionally.

Kseniya Zhuk

Kseniya Zhuk is 18 years old. She won an international literary competition in Moscow. Kseniya is not only a wonderful reader of poems of various authors, but also a poet herself. Just recently, Ksenia won a poetry competition at the university. She presented her own poem dedicated to the festival of May 9, on the theme «The most lyrical story».

Ksenia believes that it is very important to provide the younger generation with environmental education and public education. She wants everyone to realize that it is better to live in a small but clean and well-groomed town. Therefore, it is necessary to show initiative in restoration and renewal of tree-shrub vegetation on the territory of the city, planting of young trees, creation of «green zones» for population. The so-called «Saturdays» will serve as an example of the organisation of these events.

Polina Ivashchuk

My name is Polina Ivashchuk. I live in the smallest town in Belarus – Disna.  I am 16 years old. I study in the 10 grade in Disna secondary school. I like to get new knowledge, to read books, to play volleyball and to travel. I am a sociable and focused person, I like to work in a team. I am a member of the youth chamber BRSM and take an active part in school life. As for school subjects, I can say that my favorite subjects are English and biology.

Every year I take part in actions to clean up the city from garbage, but not everyone understands that. But our future depends only on us.

My parents always say this, and support me in any endeavor I make..

Dmitry Vasilenko

My name is Dmitry Vasilenko. I am 29 years old. I was born and live since birth in the Miorsky district and I link my future with it. I received higher education in the specialty “Geography-biology-teacher”.

In recent years, starting in 2019, I have been taking part in the volunteer activities of our district. I am a member of the ECOS environmental initiative group. This group is engaged in garbage collection, organisation of garbage collection activities, training on environmental monitoring and safe behaviour in reservoirs and swamps. I am one of the keepers of the Yelnya swamp. I participate in training seminars and trainings related to the biodiversity of our area.

In the future, I would like to open my own farm and create an environmental training centre for the local population on its basis.

Arina Klimentyeva

My name is Arina Klimentyeva. I am 15 years old. I graduated from the choreographic department of the Children’s School of Arts. I am very attracted to the stage and dancing, and I am a creative person. I am a member of the Mereya intellectual club, where we train together with other active children. We go to intellectual tournaments in different cities. Thanks to the “Tourist” circle I participate in orienteering competitions, tourist-applied all-around. I participate in various international debater competitions. I was a volunteer in the project “Together for society and nature: Miorsky district”. I am also a member of the Belarusian Youth Public Organization of Rescue Firefighters, where I often help in organising actions in the Miory district.

I would like to develop the region in the field of quality affordable education

Victoria Konakh

My name is Victoria Konakh, I am 14 years old. I am a member of the UNESCO club “Adradzhenne”(Rebirth), the intellectual club” Mereya”, and I also take part in initiatives that will help improve life in our town. To date, I am a volunteer in the project “Together for society and nature: Miorsky district”. I am interested in the following areas: environmental, cultural, and intellectual. I want to implement four of my ideas: 1) The project for youth “League of Laughter”. This is a platform where children’s teams can show how they can make jokes and turn serious things into funny stories  2) I think that every city is concerned about the problem of homeless animals and our city is not an exception. I want to organize a charity day with the support of the local authorities. People who would like to buy a pet will find a friend. Two weeks before the action there should be the capture of stray animals with the help of a veterinary clinic in order to make them look presentable. On the day of the campaign, people will be able to give a second chance to someone who has lost hope. 3) Organise a volunteer movement. We need volunteers in the city, because we have a sufficient number of single retired persons and people with disabilities; recreation areas and the city are polluted. Everyone can join this movement, regardless of age and position in society. 4) Organize tourist “Saturdays” in the “Yelnya” swamp. Tourists will be able to help the swamp and make their small step towards a clean planet.

Elena Shokel.

My name is Elena Shokel. I am 28 years old. I live in a small district centre of Belarus – Miory.

I have experience in implementing international technical assistance projects in which Miorsky district was a partner. Among them there are projects under the Latvia – Lithuania – Belarus cross-border cooperation programme in tourism and culture “Bella Dvina”, ” Bella Dvina 2 “and”Bella Kuzina”.

I am the chairman of the public council for the development of agroecotourism in the Miory district. It was created for the purpose of developing rural tourism in the region, creating partnerships between authorities and management, owners of agricultural farms, non-governmental organisations, business representatives, the press and the general public. I would like to use the potential available in the region for the benefit of my country and for the benefit of the local population. We plan to further promote and develop the Miorsky district in the tourism sector.

If You want to contact them, write to info@prepare-network.eu