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Webinar – National Rural Parliaments

28th of May, 2020

Place: ZOOM platform

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The Estonian experience – new winds

Anneli Kana, Kodukant Estonia


The Slovak Experience – doing together

Monika Slaninova, Slovak Rural Parliament


The Albanian Rural Parliament – a “window of opportunity” for improving life in rural areas

Evelina Azizaj, Albanian Network for Rural Development


The Balkan Rural Parliament – a regional experience  

Dragan Roganovic, Network for Rural Development of Serbia


The Rural Policy Council (RPC) in Finland – Where actors and governance meet

Christell Åström, Secretary General of the RPC, Ministry of Agriculture


Civil society and government in dialogue

Natasha Dragojlovic, Secretary of the National Convention on the EU

Por Otra PAC– involving stakeholders in rural programme planning

Blanca Casares Guillén, EfecToTP founder.


Comment speech from the European Commission

 Silvia Michelini, Deputy Director DG Agri

National Rural Parliaments (NRP´s) can be seen as a tool for participative democracy, co-planning, co-implementing and co-evaluation. NRP´s are regular Gatherings and processes for people and government to meet and discuss rural policy agendas submitted by the grassroots. Experience show that NRP´s have  become a process of partnerships, networking and even (financed) co-action.

Silvia Michelini from the EC told about the proposals of the recovery plan – following Brexit and Corona and the wishes to include citizen´s in the preparation of the Future of Rural Europe paper. She also mentioned the increased possibilities for networking between EU and Non-EU countries. You can find a short paper of the essential proposals for rural areas in the recovery plan.

Recovery plan EU 2021-2027