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Inspirational books about Rural development

PREPARE as well as its members and partners have publish several books related to a historical overview of how the civic spirit moved processes for rural development. PREPARE AISBL published the book “RURAL PARLIAMENTS: Emerging participative democracy”, Forum Synergies published “Rural Europe on the move” and ELARD publihed the book “A Leader journey through rural Europe”. We also recomend to read FARNET latest magazine where tremendous and inspirational stories  about local action are published. We recomend to read them all; most of them are available in electronic version.

Here are some links for online books:

RURAL EUROPE ON THE MOVE a travel guide to transitions: http://forum-synergies.eu/rubrique134.html

A LEADER JOURNEY THROUGH RURAL EUROPE:  https://leaderconference2019.minhaterra.pt/publication.T118.php

Post 2020: Local Action in a Changing World: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/fpfis/cms/farnet2/library/farnet-magazine/farnet-magazine-ndeg17_en