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Successful ERP advocasy in Brussels was organised in January 2020

The ERP-team (Representatives from PREPARE, ELARD and ERCA) was in Brussels 22-24.1.2020 to present the results of the two-year activities and the Gathering

From the meetings rose new cooperation and partnership opportunities. We were invited by several of the EU stakeholders to participate in the preparation and the process of the Future of Rural Europe 2050 paper and different events. Event cooperation was suggested by the Presidency (enlargement conference, FAO /ERP 18.3.2020, the future of Europe conference), EESC and CoR (EESC-CoR-ERP joint meeting with date to decide, CoR meeting on long term vision of Rural Europe in spring 2020). The Finnish presidency told of an opportunity to join informal council meetings. MEP Bogovic suggested a presence in the parliamentary committees Agri and Regio. All these important activities will be followed up by ERP. Remains to see how all of this will be concretised, but doors seem to be opened.

Our main messages in the discussions to EU and national governments were

-A real rural agenda base on integrated, place-based development

-Strengthening LEADER and promoting CLLD also in relation to smart villages

-Including rural in the programming and financing of the Green deal and digitisation

-Pursue actively the relations, programmes and funding also with countries outside EU

-A growing partnership between ERP and EU-institutions

More information: https://www.europeanruralparliament.com/