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New Activists For Rural Development- Meet Rinor Ahmeti from Kosovo

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Rinor Ahmeti is 22 years old and he comes from Kosovo, but is currently studying and staying in Hungary. He is highly passionate about developing his career in the field of Rural Development. According to him local organisations are very important in providing services for their communities. Considering that he is a volunteer in another organisation, being a new rural development activist would assist him to grow both professionally and personally. His main purpose is to be engaged and contribute to the development of his village, and at the same time to contribute in all Kosovos’ rural areas. Hewants to learn new things and get to work with new people, get inspired by others and give his own contribution as well. He is very eager to put my ideas to life and fells a force that always pushes him forward.

He is graduate of Bachelor’s Program in Agriculture Economics, at the University of Prishtina. Now he is doing master studies for Rural Development and Agribusiness, at Szent Istvan Univeristy, in Hungary.

During the past few years Rinor has been volunteering for Rotaract Club Illyrian, where the members suggest and the club reviews the service projects for community, ensuring that real needs are addressed. Then they develop annual plans for the community service projects, and lead, organize and implement the community service project.

He also volunteered for PEN (Peer Education Network), as a part of Making Sense project which was for empowering citizens through personal digital manufacturing applied to the design of environmental sensors.

Diakonie Youth Center in Mitrovica for a short time was another voluntary engagement for Rinor. The main purpose of this organisation was to improve communication and cohabitation of different ethnicities and starting to accept each other. As well as enabling different leisure youth activities and games, this initiative enables intercultural learning.

Studying rural development has given him a sense of its importance, while being  a member of Network of Organizations for Rural Development of Kosovo has given him opportunities for taking part of workshops and meeting other rural civil society organizations, sharing experiences and gaining knowledge.

Family has very important impact on Rinor’s development, growth and healthy upbringing. They provide him with security and support, not only financial but also emotional. ‘’They love me, understand my ideas and support my actions. Being on Kosovo society they know its challenges and barriers, so my family supports my dedication to NORDK. My family also gives me the feeling that I belong somewhere. Knowing where I belong gives me the anchor I need to deal with everything the world throws at me‘’ concludes Rinor.

Being around with people, communicating with them, looking at their needs and opportunities that rural areas offers, has influenced his dedication to be the advocate for rural communities. His dedication to rural development includes action to influence the process of social change. It is a dynamic concept which suggests a movement away from a previous situation. All societies are changing, and rural extension attempts to develop certain aspects of society in order to influence the nature and speed of the change