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New Activists For Rural Development- Meet Rimvydas Palubinskas from Lithuania

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Rimvydas Palubinskas is the leader of Alvitas rural community. Within the Vilkaviškis region local action group, his community takes an active part in the development of the local development strategy. He was elected to the VAG (Vilkaviškis activity group) council for ten years. At this time Rimvydas  became a member of the council in Vilkaviškis region department and a vice-chairman of the rural business committee.  He is very keen on rural development,  interested in innovations and takes part in designing and implementing projects for his rural community. Futhermore, he is able to consult residents on various rural development issues.

Rimvydas works with non-governmental organisations on a voluntary basis. He got Master‘s degree and qualificatin in food safety. He has also taken courses in rural development and social work. Rimvydas constantly tries to attend various trainings and seminars. He lives in the village in which he was born and he  loves his region very much. Therefore he tries to participate in many social activities. Since 2007 Rimvydas have been participating in the development and implementation of Vilkaviškis rural development strategy, working to include villagers, farmers and small businesses.

He gets support from his family. His two children and wife also participate in these activities and they help Rimvydas to organise events, collective activities and trainings. He wants to spend as much time with his family as possible, so they try to participate in social activities together.

His life in the village is and will be the priority and the most important thing. Rimvydas believes that his children will follow him and will be glad of his work for the community.