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From Hystory of PREPARE- PREPARE Gathering 2006

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PREPARE Gathering 2006 was held at Velehrad, in south-eastern Moravia, Czech Republic, 21 to 23 June 2006.    The Gathering was preceded by two-day Travelling Workshops,starting in Prague on Monday 19 June.  The hosts where the Czech National Rural Observatory, the Czech Network of Local Action Groups and the Buchlov Local Action Group in Moravia.  The theme of the Gathering was „The evolution and activity of Local Action Groups,and their role in Rural Development Programmes?” .

All members of the PREPARE network was receiving the detailed announcement of the Gathering.

At  the  meeting  in  Prague  in  June,  the  PREPARE  partners accepted  with  pleasure  requests from  two  recently-formed  national  rural  networks  to  join  the  partnership  in  the  PREPARE programme. The Czech  National  Rural  Observatory was set  up  in  2005  by  twelve  individuals  who  are active in rural development at national or regional level. The decision to create the Observatory followed  three years of  initiatives by these individuals to  bring together people involved in rural action,  including  national  and  regional  conferences,  training  programmes  and  promotion  of LEADER-type local action groups. PREPARE had given financial support to this set of initiatives, from  the  funds  given  to  us  by  the  Mott  Foundation. The new  Observatory  operates, througha National  Network  for Rural  Development,  as  the network  of  more  than 40  Local  Action  Groups throughout  the  Czech  Republic.