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From Hystory of PREPARE- Gathering 2007 in Poland

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The 2007 PREPARE Gathering was organized by the Polish Rural Forum (FAOW). The main meeting took place in Przemysl, and the four Travelling Workshops (with 45 Travellers and 54 local participants) visited projects on both sides of the Polish-Ukrainian border, including bicycle routes dedicated to the memory of the Good Soldier Svejk; small community schools and educational organisations; historical monuments and a wide range of local business activities.

The plenary meeting on October 11 was attended by almost 70 participants from 20 countries and included reports from Travelling Workshops with local comments, a discussion panel on the preparation of the Rural Development Programmes, and work in smaller groups on cooperation between civil society and governments and expectations of rural organisations for the future PREPARE activities.

In spite of the busy schedule, there was time for informal networking, music and singing!