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New Activists For Rural Development- Marta Vergara Fores from Spain

Marta Vergara Forés lives in Oviedo, in the capital of the beautiful land of Asturias, Spain. She considers herselve a cheerful, outgoing person, with character and self-confident when Marta have to make her own decisions. She like to get as involved as possible in  work to achieve the goals. In relation to the rural milieu, she believes that anyone who is dedicated to and empathizes with this field of work (a very extensive and beautiful area) could be considered a true activist and defender of the rural environment. “You simply have to believe in what you think. I believe that the rural world needs a boost and reinforcement — support from young people”, sais Marta.

Marta studied a Law Degree at the University of Oviedo and she have two Master’s Degrees from this same university: University Master’s degree in Legal Protection of Vulnerable People and Groups, and University Master’s degree for Access to the Legal Profession. Marta loves reading and learning every day from countrie and its laws, legal procedures, etc. She was also an Erasmus student at Clermont-Ferrand (France), and this has been a stage that Marta will never forget.

A a lawyer she met the Asturian Network of Rural Development — READER, through a scholarship from the university, mainly to organise the ERP 2019 and of which she was the Project Coordinator. After this period, Marta have been hired in READER and I she already part of the team: The whole team of READER is made up of wonderful people who take care of her a lot, which is a real luck. Marta is in charge of legal advice and assistance within the Department of Legal and International Affairs.

The most recent rural development initiative Marta have come into contact with are ERP 2019 and ERYP 2019, as these were the main objectives and purposes of scholarship and her first contact with rural development. Within READER they are teaching many things and training both professionally and academically to support and help the rural milieu to be better, to be part of the future (more than it is) and that the villages are seen as something positive and not negative.

Family have been always supporte Marta  and will be my maximum and biggest support: a fundamental pillar Martas life. She have never been or felt conditioned by family, they have always supported in making my decisions, they have known how to advise in both good and bad times, and Martas parents are the reason for having come this far and where she is. All training, studies and achievements so far, Marta owe to them. And although the question is about family, she don’t want to forget about  real and close friends, they are also a fundamental part of her, who are always there when they are needed, and of course  boyfriend, since without him many of Martas decisions would have been meaningless; he is always helping her, advising, looking for the best, which is fundamental, a big pillar too.

At the moment Marta feels comitted to rural development, because it is an area of work in which she is trained strongly. READER is made up of wonderful people who are helping each other a lot on this path and have always offered to Marta their help when it is  needed.  “I feel very supported and cared for by everyone. Furthermore, I don’t want to forget the GREAT work they do and the involvement they have with rural development, not only because of their interest at a general level (whether national or international) but because of the real substance of their work: ASTURIAS”, admit Marta. Rural development in the hands of READER has had, has and will have a great future.