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From History of PREPARE- PREPARE gathering, October 2003

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The first full multi-national gathering of the PREPARE network was held in October 2003.   It was open to all members of the Network.  The main organiser was Jela Tvrdonova.

The gathering took an unusual form, with two connected elements: (1) travelling workshops, bringing participants from their home countries to Slovakia and (2) the main gathering at Banska Stiavnica in Slovakia, from 15 to 17 October.

The first part of the gathering was a series of travelling workshops, made by bus or minibus between 11 and 14 October.   Each travelling workshop was organised by a member of the PREPARE network. On the evening of 14 October at Banska Stiavnica , the main gathering took place with the following agenda:  one day (15 October) -introductions, reports on the travelling workshops and plenary discussion, one day (16 October) of working groups, on subjects chosen by the participants, together with an ‘ideas market’ which will offer the chance to compare ideas, find partners for future projects etc and a final day (17 October) of plenary discussions, including a first formal meeting  of the PREPARE Network.