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Estonian Rural Parliament

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During the 13th Estonian Rural Parliament (July 26-28 2019) in Räpina, Põlva County (Southern Estonia) the rural manifesto was announced.

The manifesto  invites the Government of the Republic, ministries, partners and communities to consider the following points in planning and implementing Estonian village and rural development: Integrated rural coordination, Clarification of the concept of rural area, Accessibility, Involving the community in decision-making processes, Enforcement of Village Elders, Development of community services, Social work in the community, Raising heritage awareness in communities, Empowering people and lifelong learning, Innovation in rural entrepreneurship, Protection and safety of the public, National Support Programs, Enhance the role of communities in the use of European Union funds.

More information in : https://kodukant.ee/uudised/eesti-kulade-xiii-maapaeva-manifest/