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PREPARE have participated in ENRD steering group

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Prepare Secretary general has participated in the ENRD steering group in Brusssels, 13 May

The Steering groups discusses matters related to the strategy and annual work programme of the European Network for Rural Development. This session was dedicated mainly to self-evaluation and feedback from the April networking event in Brussels. All participants agreed on that events like NetworkX should be organised more often, although ENRD could not make such commitment. Communication by ENRD should be developed to connect more to the local level and local actors with an understandable language. On social inclusion theme, ENRD has started to gather information on fighting rural exodus. In the next programming period 2021-2027 the ENRD network will be renamed CAP-network, covering all rural and agricultural action. This requires rethinking of the network´s structure and horizontal themes to be developed. The smart village process goes on.