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The Moldovan Leader Network Is Established

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Moldova is ready to implement LEADER as never before. In addition to the 30 LAGs that have been established, the National LEADER Network has also been built in Moldova

Initiatives to implement the LEADER approach in the Republic of Moldova started in 2016. Facilitation of the process of creating Local Action Groups (LAGs) has been carried out by various organizations active in the field of local development. Today in Moldova there are more than 30 established LAG initiatives, some of them functional and implementing development projects through competitions organized and carried out by the LAG.

Recent activities of LEADER progress in Moldova can be found in the webpage:  www.leadermoldova.eu/  For those who are interested in the topic, more information about LEADER activities in Moldova can be followed via FaceBook page @leader.moldova

Under ENPARD programme support, the National LEADER Network has been established. The president of LEADER network is Marina Albu.

More information about national level networking activities can be found at https://www.enpardmoldova.md/

From PREPARE members, Hungarian Rural Network (Marta Marczis under SARD project support) and Latvian Rural Forum (Under support of the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Latvia) have been active in Gagauzia region and Northregion of Moldova for supporting of development of Local Action Groups. The partner of PREPARE in Moldova is ProCore regionala. http://procore.md/en/