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The prepare fourth general assembly was held in Kosovo

The Fourth PREPARE General Assembly was held in Peje, Dukagjini region of Kosovo on 31st October 2018.

“All members agreed with appreciation and praise that NORDK* had been a caring and professional host during this Gathering and that they are welcomed in PREPARE family.”

From the discussion, the following recommendations were given as guidelines for the new PREPARE team: more efforts in communication and animation, increased activities in the Black Sea area, and the preparation of an action programme for PREPARE relying on previous activities and members´ thoughts on future activities.

Some thoughts on the future were discussed at the General Assembly.  Besides the key aims of supporting the strengthening of civil society and promoting exchange between civil society, authorities and governments in the field of rural development, proposals were made for connecting PREPARE with existing and upcoming projects, linking PREPARE more closely with the European Rural Parliament and LEADER networks and meeting the future environmental challenges

*RROZHRK / NORDK www.nordkosovo.org nordk.kosovo@gmail.com,