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Prapare president and vice president supported Georgian LEADER initiatives

PREPARE, since its strategic decision to work in the Black Sea region, is closely involved in  LEADER implementation in Georgia

The LEADER approach is quite new approach for rural development in Georgia, mainly supported by ENPARD. During the piloting, 8 local action groups were established (http://enpard.ge/en/local-action-groups/)

With the support of Ministry of foreign affairs of Latvia, PREPARE president Āris Ādlers visited Georgia and met with the main stakeholders of LEADER implementation process of the country: governmental bodies, agencies and NGOs.  All representatives were introduced with PREPARE’s work in the Black Sea basin countries, as well as efforts to promote direct cooperation between organizations and support cooperation within Georgia.

Recent activities in Georgia are related to establishment of Georgian Association of Local Action Groups (GALAG). During the meeting with PREPARE president, the coordinator of GALAG Ms. Tiko Chulukhadze expressed their interest of cooperation with PREPARE Network.

Under the delegation of European LEADER association, PREPARE Vice-president Goran Šoster participated in the seminar for GALAG. The aim of the seminar was to share the European experience and knowledge in rural development with Georgian LAGs, assist in the elaboration of internal and external communication plans, help in mapping main partners to build stronger platforms for advocacy and fundraising, advise on the formation of thematic working groups and on distribution of responsibilities among GALAG members. (http://www.ge.undp.org/content/georgia/en/home/presscenter/pressreleases/2018/eu–in-partnership-with-undp–promotes-cooperation-between-local.html)